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15.02. o scarcity philosophy vs abundance philosophyNewsBeanie
06.02. * Re: fake porn has serious consequencesRS Wood
08.02. `- Re: fake porn has serious consequencesJAB
06.02. * Re: "Angry American Voter Is Scared"RS Wood
07.02. `- Re: "Angry American Voter Is Scared"JAB
05.01. o Bad governance and bad airportsRS Wood
31.12. o polygyny and bride price lead to instabilityRS Wood
17.11. o naked liberalism and tribalismRS Wood
31.10. o the KingmakersRS Wood
26.10. * [M] a bright and shiny hellRS Wood
26.10. `- Re: [M] a bright and shiny hellJAB
26.10. o Facebook's effect on democracyNewsBeanie
19.10. o Democracy can plant the seeds of its own destructiRS Wood
16.10. o Panama Papers journalist assassinated in MaltaRS Wood
19.07. o Re: Fake PhotosRS Wood
18.07. o Spreading fake news becomes standard practice for RS Wood
17.07. o AI tool can produce phony video speechesRS Wood
11.07. o Re: Smart home gadget calls policeRS Wood
07.06. o [Qatar] What happened? Why ostracized?Dildo Baggins
14.05. o Re: Report warns computers may threaten constitutionalRS Wood
18.04. o Trump vs Ballmer, and how govts spend moneyRS Wood
06.04. o Get rid of the arts say both Hitler and TrumpToast
30.03. o William Powell, author of the Anarchist Cookbook, NewsBeanie
26.03. o This is why it's hard to help people in poor placeNewsBeanie
26.03. o [Yemen] in tattersNewsBeanie
20.03. * the Halo EffectDildo Baggins
21.03. `- Re: the Halo EffectNicolas
24.02. o Enemies of the PeopleDil Do Baggins
23.02. o New report compares politics today to the 1930sRS Wood
04.02. * Re: Not lone wolves at all: ISIS is behind itNewsBeanie
04.02. `* Re: Not lone wolves at all: ISIS is behind itNicolas
09.02.  `- Re: Not lone wolves at all: ISIS is behind itRS Wood
26.01. o Clearing out the app stores: govt interventionNewsBeanie
19.01. o World's 1% fret about inequality over vintage wineNewsBeanie
16.01. o 8 men as rich as the world's bottom halfNewsBeanie
21.12. * Obama Accomplishments - Obama to pardon Stalin, MaFree Heroin @ 1600 PA Ave
10.01. `- Re: Obama Accomplishments - Obama to pardon Stalin, MaRS Wood
08.01. o [USA] classic formula: be insane, blame governmentNewsBeanie
21.12. o Incest pedophile Lena Dunham: Russians hacked my vFree Heroin @ 1600 PA Ave
14.12. o Fake news has real consequencesNewsBeanie
13.11. o Fake news spreads faster, lasts longerRS Wood

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