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22.04. o [Sudan] these jailed protesters are backNewsFeeder
20.04. o [Sudan] al Bashir had cash hoard, of course he didNewsFeeder
16.04. o [Sudan] Bashir's out; military's inNewsFeeder
14.04. o [Sudan] Al Bashir gets the bootRS Wood
02.04. o [Algeria] Bouteflikka steps downRS Wood
29.03. o [Tanzania] no real party loyaltyNewsBeanie
29.03. o [Burundi] scribble on president's portrait? jailtiNewsBeanie
24.03. o [Mali] 100 villagers killed by disguised gunmenNewsBeanie
17.03. o [Sudan] protests as president tightens gripNewsBeanie
06.02. o [Ghana] murder of an investigative journalistRS Wood
25.01. o The Washington Post: Felix Tshisekedi?s improba blRS Wood
18.01. o Re: Fewer Billionaires, Poorer Billionaires On AfricanRS Wood
10.01. o [DR Congo] the president's hand-picked successorNewsBeanie
07.01. * Re: Vowing to bulldoze corruptionRS Wood
07.01. `- Re: Vowing to bulldoze corruptionJAB
27.12. * [Rwanda] end of the inquiryNewsBeanie
07.01. `- Re: [Rwanda] end of the inquiryRS Wood
27.12. o [DR Congo] vote delayed againNewsBeanie
06.11. o [Cameroon] latest test for Facebook misinformationNewsBeanie
19.10. o [Cameroon] no election fraud hereNewsBeanie
19.10. o [Burkina Faso] failed coup financed in Cote d'IvoiNewsBeanie
22.08. o [Zimbabwe] police closing in on Grace MugabeNewsBeanie
19.07. o Ethiopia, Eritrea: when peace is a problemRS Wood
19.07. o Ethiopia and Eritrea patch it upRS Wood
25.06. * [Cameroon] separatism and violenceNewsBeanie
28.06. `- Re: [Cameroon] separatism and violenceRS Wood
25.06. o [Sudan] rape and death sentence: WTFNewsBeanie
18.06. o [Togo] opposition blacklistNewsBeanie
28.05. o [Gambia] Witch hunt still haunts this villageNewsBeanie
24.05. o [Zimbabwe] Itai DzambaraNewsBeanie
14.05. o [Gambia] still not fans of free speechNewsBeanie
30.04. o [Uganda] Is Museveni next, with Mugabe gone?NewsBeanie
30.04. o [Swaziland] I'll never call it eSwatiniNewsBeanie
30.04. o [Guinea] Bollore, corruption, container terminalNewsBeanie
24.03. * [DR Congo] shuns its own donor conference, claims NewsBeanie
29.03. `- Re: [DR Congo] shuns its own donor conference, claims RS Wood
24.03. o [C African Rep] conflict is more profitable than pNewsBeanie
16.02. * [S Africa] Ramapo sa ' state of the union addressRS Wood
16.02. `- Re: [S Africa] Ramaphosa state of the union addressRS Wood
15.02. o [S Africa] weakened under Zuma's ruleNewsBeanie
15.02. o How Jacob Zuma's presidency shaped South African sRS Wood
13.02. * [S Africa] Jacob Zuma ordered to go awayNewsBeanie
15.02. `- Re: [S Africa] Jacob Zuma ordered to go awayRS Wood
05.02. o [Kenya] down the dictatorhole we goRS Wood
04.02. o [S Sudan] even the UN can't stand being hereNewsBeanie
02.01. o [DR Congo] Internet and Telecom shutdown until furNewsBeanie
27.12. o [Cameroon] American professor that criticized the RS Wood
13.12. o [Ethiopia] a strange nostalgia for the Derg and soRS Wood
27.11. o [Equatorial Guinea] Obiang's squalid fortuneRS Wood
15.11. * [Zimbabwe] Mugabe captured by military in potentiaRS Wood

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