Repubs pulling away from Trump

Subject: Repubs pulling away from Trump
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Date: May 15 2017 15:24:13
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The Republicans are pulling away from Trump

The latest subject-changing crisis has been the fallout from Mr.
Trump’s sudden dismissal of Mr. Comey, who was leading the F.B.I.’s
investigation into contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia. Mr.
Trump suggested last week that he might have surreptitiously taped his
conversations with Mr. Comey, and on Sunday two Republican senators,
Mike Lee of Utah and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, said the
president should turn over any such tapes, if they exist.

In the days after Mr. Trump’s election victory, the mood was different,
as Republicans expressed high hopes that they could move quickly on a
conservative agenda that merged with Mr. Trump’s. “We’re going to be an
enthusiastic supporter almost all the time,” Mr. McConnell said of Mr.
Trump in November.

But Republicans have so far achieved few of their legislative
priorities, like repealing the Affordable Care Act or cutting taxes.
When Mr. Trump suggested this month that the Senate should change its
rules to make it easier for Republicans to push bills through, Mr.
McConnell firmly rejected the idea.

Lawmakers are also bucking the president by pushing ahead with
bipartisan measures on sanctions against Russia. And this month,
Republicans rejected many of the administration’s priorities in a
short-term spending measure, including money for a wall along the
border with Mexico.

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