Re: [USA] Russian - Comey fired after requesting greater investigation

Subject: Re: [USA] Russian - Comey fired after requesting greater investigation
From: (RS Wood)
Newsgroups: dictator.america
Date: May 12 2017 02:21:41
On 2017-05-11, JAB <> wrote:
On Wed, 10 May 2017 23:45:40 -0500, JAB <> wrote:

US President Donald Trump today fired FBI director James Comey.

The Times further reported on Wednesday that days before he was fired,
Comey had requested "a significant increase in money and personnel for
the bureau’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the
presidential election." Comey made the request of Rosenstein, and also
told members of Congress, the paper said.

Something stinks so bad.  The whole crew is rotten.  Comey was a bad
apple, Trump is a disaster.  The whole place is bought.  Burn it to
the ground.

Trump should be impeached over this.  But that doesn't make Comey some
sort of hero/victim, either.  He royally screwed he pooch on multiple

While we're at it, Hameddin and Anthony "wank it" Weiner don't escape
ridicule either.  The whole political class is an enormous joke.

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