Re: [USA] Russian - Comey fired after requesting greater investigation

Subject: Re: [USA] Russian - Comey fired after requesting greater investigation
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Date: May 11 2017 05:45:40
On Wed, 10 May 2017 15:43:23 -0400, Dildo Baggins
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US President Donald Trump today fired FBI director James Comey.

The Daily 202: Firing FBI director Comey is already backfiring on
Trump. It’s only going to get worse.
"The Comey putsch heightens the mystery at the center of the Flynn
case," David Ignatius, who first broke the news of Flynn’s
conversations with the Russian ambassador, writes in a must-read
column. "Trump has been digging a hole for himself from the beginning
on Russia-related issues. It’s an odd pattern of behavior. Trump may
have done nothing improper involving Russia, but why does he act so
defensive? In a book called ‘Spy the Lie,’ a group of former
intelligence officers explain the behavioral and linguistic cues that
indicate when someone is being deceptive. Interestingly, many of these
are evident in Trump’s responses to questions about Russia’s covert
involvement in U.S. politics. The authors’ list of tip-offs includes
‘going into attack mode,’ ‘inappropriate questions,’ ‘inconsistent
statements,’ ‘selective memory’ and the use of ‘qualifiers,’ such as
‘frankly,’ ‘honestly’ and ‘truthfully.’ The authors’ point is that
people who are innocent answer questions simply and directly."

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