[USA] repealing healthcare

Subject: [USA] repealing healthcare
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Date: Mar 22 2017 15:42:33
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Republican Congress can suck dogshit.  This hatred of ACA is insane and as everyone knew, they had neither a credible replacement nor the intellectual capacity to produce one.


Republican leaders in the House have been huddling over the last few
days in a frantic search for enough votes to win passage of their
proposed revision of Obamacare, in the process making an already flawed
bill even worse. One measure of their desperation was a cynical
last-minute provision that would shift Medicaid costs from New York’s
rural and suburban counties to the state government, pleasing upstate
Republicans who represent those counties but reducing coverage provided
by the state.

Such wheeling and dealing has done nothing to improve a bill that would
rip coverage from 24 million people over 10 years, leaving more
Americans uninsured than if Congress simply repealed the Affordable
Care Act, and inspiring an official of the American College of
Physicians, which represents 148,000 doctors and medical students, to
say on Monday that he had “never seen a bill that will do more harm to

It also reflects a fundamental reality: Unlike President Barack Obama,
whose clear objective was to expand access to medical care, the
Republicans have no coherent idea or shared vision of what they want to
achieve and what problem they mean to solve.

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