Re: The Wall and Immigration

Subject: Re: The Wall and Immigration
From: (Dildo Baggins)
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Date: Mar 20 2017 16:01:21
On Tue, 21 Feb 2017 20:44:28 -0500
RS Wood <> wrote:

The rules authorize expelling undocumented immigrants who have committed even
minor offenses, and they make it easier to immediately deport people.
It was good while it lasted, eh folks?

Too bad too many Americans (and others) are confusing "immigrants" with
"illegal immigrants."  No one ever promised to get rid of immigrants.
But it is time to form a queue, present papers, and play by the rules,
just like everyone else.  I hope white America remembers that too, since
they don't seem to remember much else these days, where politics is concerned.

Interesting and not-surprising follow-up.  The obvious place to crack
down remains uncracked, because ... politics.  If you can't hire
illegals, there won't be any.  But who wants to take on American
businesses?  The system is broken, so scapegoating undocumented workers
is insane.  So is the fact that the last time we had an intellectually
honest, workable plan for this issue it was the brainchild of George W.
Bush and his team.  Happy times, those, in retrospect.

The takeaway is clear. While it has become politically expedient to
malign and scapegoat immigrants, Mr. Trump and Republican lawmakers
across the country recognize that finding a way to excise them
systematically from payrolls would have a crippling effect on several
industries. The only long-term solution to this conundrum is returning
to the bipartisan consensus that enabled the 1986 bill. This would
require giving millions of undocumented immigrants the ability to earn
citizenship, then developing a uniform system to verify employment
eligibility, and more rigorously prosecuting employers who evade it.

Barring that form of comprehensive reform, American taxpayers will
continue bankrolling an expensive, heartless crackdown on immigrants
for years on end. Meanwhile, employers will continue to quietly reap
the benefits of immigrant labor while looking the other way.

Dildo Baggins <>

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