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Subject: Re: [USA] Cultural revenge fantasy
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Date: Feb 24 2017 19:36:05
On Wed, 25 Jan 2017 21:39:17 -0500
RS Wood <> wrote:

This is where we chronicle the life and times of the nascent Fascist
Republic of Trumpostan.

Bannon may very well know that he is peddling junk — crumbs tossed to
low-information voters desperate to find a culprit for their economic
woes. If he has been listening to U.S. business leaders, allies,
informed members of Congress or the Federal Reserve chairman, he must
have figured out how counterproductive his nationalist ideas are.
(We’ve tried this before in the 1930s — with poor results.) And yet the
appetite to decimate liberal Western democracies and shred an
international system that has maintained relative peace and prosperity
is unabated.

The conclusion one is drawn to over and over is that Bannon and Trump
are living out a cultural revenge fantasy. Bannon-Trump remain bonded
to their base not because of ideology or agenda, but because they
desire the downfall of coastal and urban elites (personified by the
media), detest the ethnic and racial demographic trends that continue
to make the country more diverse and hold fast to various myths and an
exaggerated sense of victimhood (e.g. climate change is a hoax,
minorities all live in violent and poverty-stricken cities, Christians
are “persecuted”). No wonder the Trump team finds a role model in the
anti-Western, authoritarian Russian President Vladimir Putin, who runs
a kleptocracy that impoverishes his people, whom he then tries to
pacify with grandiose nationalistic ambitions. (They may not have a
high-tech industry, but by gosh, the Empire is back!)

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