[Turkey] Erdogan, flush with victory, seizes new powers

Subject: [Turkey] Erdogan, flush with victory, seizes new powers
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Date: Jul 19 2018 19:16:50
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RS Wood <rsw@therandymon.com> wrote:
While campaigning, Mr. Erdogan presented his vision as the
establishment one and this is perhaps how he won the “silent majority.”
Mr. Erdogan appeared dispassionate in victory. In 2013 his Justice and
Development Party joined the European Conservatives and Reformists
political family. Some of his critics compare Mr. Erdogan to President
Vladimir Putin of Russia and other strongmen, while others see him as
an Islamist, but Mr. Erdogan identifies himself as a conservative.

The mood was also conservative-gray in Cihangir around noon on Monday.
I yawned reading the election coverage. But then a construction crew
showed up on the street and began breaking all the cobblestones for
some building project. It was business as usual.

Erdogan, feeling the power ...

ISTANBUL — Even before President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey was
inaugurated last week, he began elbowing his way into the front ranks
of the globe’s strongmen.

Hours before taking the oath of office — after 15 years already in
power — Mr. Erdogan published a 143-page decree changing the way almost
every government department and public body in the country operates.

In the days since, he has issued several equally lengthy decrees and
presidential decisions, centralizing power and giving him the ability
to exert control in nearly all areas of life with almost unchecked

At a moment when democratic systems around the world are under
increasing pressure, Mr. Erdogan, who was re-elected in June, is among
those leaders, like Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and Viktor Orban of
Hungary, who are using the levers of democracy to vastly expand their

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