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Subject: Re: [Cameroon] separatism and violence
From: (RS Wood)
Date: Jun 28 2018 13:39:06
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Title: Burning Cameroon: Images you're not meant to see
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2018 20:32:18 -0400

BBC Africa Eye analyses clips from social media showing violence and torture
amid a separatist rebellion.

More about the separatism.  It has a name: Ambazonia.

The nation of Ambazonia doesn’t officially exist. But a violent battle
over attempts to create it in English-speaking areas of largely
French-speaking Cameroon is quickly escalating. Schools, homes and
villages in the Central African nation have been burned to the ground.
Travel between some towns has been blocked.

For a year and a half, the Cameroonian military has been accused of
beating and arresting people suspected of being separatists, torching
homes and killing unarmed protesters.

For their part, separatists have taken up arms and have also turned to
violence. They have been accused of burning markets, launching attacks
from civilian bases, beheading soldiers and kidnapping people they
suspect as traitors.

Videos purporting to show abuses on both sides have circulated on
social media, fanning already sky-high tensions. Propaganda and lies
proliferate. Both sides are using incendiary rhetoric: The military
calls the separatists “terrorists,” while the separatists— many part of
the Cameroonian diaspora — have accused the military of “genocide.”

“We see the situation degenerating from a crisis to a conflict,” said
Gaby Ambo, executive director of the Finders Group Initiative, a human
rights group in Cameroon. “And if nothing is done soon, it will turn
into a civil war with grave consequences.”

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