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Subject: Re: [China] teaching feminine submission for the "New Era"
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Date: Jun 26 2018 10:28:29
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Title: Chinese activists decry so-called 'female morality schools'
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2018 14:26:26 -0500

A video from a Chinese 'morality school,' intended to teach women to be
submissive, has spurred sharp critique from women's rights activists. The
presence of these schools in China is raising difficult questions about women's
social position in the nation.
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His tenure has been less about pushing for equality than promoting a
vision of “harmonious” male-female households with a working father and
a virtuous mother who cares for children and the elderly.

The party insists that this reflects the Confucian values at the core
of Chinese culture. Critics counter that culture changes and that China
should look forward, not back.

“Our traditional culture is filled with restrictions on — and the
oppression of — women,” said Lu Ping, a prominent Chinese feminist who
ran a website that was recently censored. “Can we push women back into
the traditional roles?”

People are trying. Last year, news broke that a company in northern
China was operating a “traditional culture school” where women were
told to “shut your mouths and do more housework” and practiced bowing
to their husbands.

“Don’t fight back when beaten. Don’t talk back when scolded. And, no
matter what, don’t get divorced,” a female teacher there said,
according to footage published by Beijing’s Pear Video.

(Yuyang Liu/for The Washington Post)

“Women should just stay at the bottom level of the society and not
aspire for more,” another instructor said.

When the story went viral, local officials said its message violated
“socialist core values” and called for an investigation.

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