N Korea and China, KJU and Xi

Subject: N Korea and China, KJU and Xi
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Unlike KJU himself, who is short, fat, and full of shit.


So interesting

When Xi Met Kim: How China and North Korea Depicted It



Both men seemed eager to convey that they have a renewed commitment to
working together, and a personal chemistry that will unite them.

Mr. Xi showed considerable warmth toward Mr. Kim, smiling widely and
offering affectionate embraces. Mr. Kim returned the fondness, waving
enthusiastically as he departed.

The budding alliance between the two leaders may put new pressure on
President Trump, who is expected to meet with Mr. Kim in the coming
weeks. While the location for a meeting has not yet been decided, some
analysts say that Mr. Xi may be angling to have it in Beijing.

“That would make Trump like the three-wheel bicycle,” Mr. Schell said.
“He would have to go to Beijing again, and almost be the supplicant to
these old allies that have patched up their marriage.”

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