[N Korea] Long, slow, and full of wine

Subject: [N Korea] Long, slow, and full of wine
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Date: Mar 27 2018 14:32:17
Unlike KJU himself, who is short, fat, and full of shit.


The train spotted in Beijing — 21 cars painted drab green, their
windows tinted to obscure the identities of those on board — bore the
hallmarks of the bulletproof private transports preferred by the
mistrustful leaders of North Korea.

Both Mr. Kim’s father and grandfather, the country’s former leaders,
traveled in similar style on rare foreign trips, stoking decades of
intrigue and interest about the trains.

While much about Monday’s journey remains a mystery, here is what we
know about the train:


The arrival of the train in Beijing on Monday led to speculation that
his son Kim Jong-un was meeting with Chinese officials to prepare for
planned peace talks with South Korea and the United States.

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