Re: [Zimbabwe] warning to African political elephants everywhere

Subject: Re: [Zimbabwe] warning to African political elephants everywhere
From: (RS Wood)
Organization: The Dictator's Handbook
Date: Nov 16 2017 19:57:57

And Gucci Grace is behind it.

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Meet the woman whose insatiable appetite for power set in motion
Zimbabwe’s ongoing military coup: first lady Grace Mugabe.

The 52-year-old shopaholic, who has earned the nickname “Gucci Grace”
thanks to her taste for designer clothes, allegedly convinced her hubby
— dictator “President” Robert Mugabe — to sack his heir apparent,
ushering in a military backlash that left the 93-year-old despot under
house arrest while she hightailed it out of the African country to
parts unknown.
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With Mugabe’s Era Ending in Zimbabwe, a Warning Echoes in Africa

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In the end, though, his deft touch deserted him as he weighed the
question looming over the end of his regime: who would succeed him. By
favoring his polarizing and politically inexperienced wife over his
powerful vice president, whom he fired last week, Mr. Mugabe
overestimated the loyalty of the military and security elite who took
him into custody early Wednesday in what appeared to be a coup.

Mr. Mugabe’s family became his blind spot. He miscalculated the fierce
anger that their unrestrained behavior caused in his nation, now
suffering through another period of deep economic crisis. Though active
in politics for only a couple of years, his wife, Grace Mugabe, 52,
made it increasingly clear that she wanted to succeed her husband. “If
you want to give me the job,” she told her husband at a gathering this
month, “give it to me freely.”

Mr. Mugabe’s sons, who are in their 20s, have added to the anger among
Zimbabweans by regularly posting pictures of their lavish lifestyle and
partying on social media sites. Last week, a video emerged showing Mr.
Mugabe’s younger son, Bellarmine Chatunga, pouring Champagne over an
expensive watch on his wrist. On his Instagram feed, he wrote, “$60 000
on the wrist when your daddy run the whole country ya know!!!”

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