[Liberia and Guinea] ebola money was skimmed: Red Cross

Subject: [Liberia and Guinea] ebola money was skimmed: Red Cross
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Date: Nov 03 2017 17:08:56


As Ebola spread across Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the Red Cross
Federation in Geneva was dispersing cash donations to the national Red
Cross societies in each of those countries - altogether a sum of about

An investigation by Red Cross auditors has revealed that in Liberia
$2.7m disappeared in fraudulently overpriced supplies, or in salaries
for non-existent aid workers.

In Sierra Leone, Red Cross staff apparently colluded with local bank
workers to skim off over $2m while in Guinea, where investigations are
ongoing, around $1m disappeared in fake customs bills.

The Red Cross told the BBC's Imogen Foulkes in Geneva that it is deeply
sorry for the losses.

The organisation adds that has introduced stricter financial rules, and
promised to hold any Red Cross staff involved to account.

Fraud involving donor money is every aid agency's nightmare, our
correspondent says.

The Red Cross is the world's best-known humanitarian organisation, and
this revelation will be damaging, she adds.


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