[DR Congo] bankruptcy and despair

Subject: [DR Congo] bankruptcy and despair
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“LET’S march on the president’s palace and drive him out,” howled the
speaker, and a couple of hundred supporters, packed into a sweaty
courtyard at the headquarters of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s
main opposition party, yelled their agreement. Outside, a contingent of
police, heavily outnumbered, waited nervously. The march never
happened. It would not have got anywhere near the president, and no
one, for the moment, wants to risk a repeat of the violence last
September, when police opened fire on crowds and a hundred or so people
died. But the economy is tanking, civil war is raging again in the
centre of the country, and patience is wearing thin with Congo’s
dictatorial president, Joseph Kabila, whose final term in office
expired five months ago.

Mr Kabila has misruled Congo for the past 17 years, after he took over
from his father, who was shot by a bodyguard. The past few months have
been particularly desperate. Congo depends on copper and cobalt, and to
a lesser extent diamonds, for hard currency. Nearly all manufactured
goods are imported. Despite a mighty river and abundant rainfall, its
broken-down infrastructure means it imports much of its food, too. At
the Momo supermarket in the capital, Kinshasa, a ramshackle city of 12m
people, you will find tin pans from Pakistan, toilet paper from Turkey,
sandals from Thailand and glass tumblers from Brazil: but virtually
nothing from Congo itself apart from some of the chicken and beer.
Dildo Baggins <dildo@gofuckyourself.gmail.invalid>

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