Re: African nations increasingly silence internet when they want

Subject: Re: African nations increasingly silence internet when they want
From: (RS Wood)
Date: Apr 04 2017 20:15:35

We actually know a lot about that.  Start here:

The answer is, not surprisingly, Western firms.  American obviously, but
also Italian, German, French.  It's a $5BB industry.  Good quote from
the article:

Jerry Lucas is the president of Telestragies Inc, the company that runs
ISS World, the trade show circuit (also known as the "Wiretapper's
Ball") that brings these companies and their clients together. Asked by
the Guardian in November if he would be comfortable knowing that regimes
in Zimbabwe and North Korea were purchasing the technology from his
trade shows, he responded, "That's just not my job to determine who's a
bad country and who's a good country." He added, "That's not our
business, we're not politicians ... we're a for-profit company. Our
business is bringing governments together who want to buy this

This is the crux of the problem: These companies seem fully aware of
what they're doing - after all, the better they understand how to help
secret police find and terrorize dissidents, the better their products
will do on the market -- but far less concerned about the
implications. As Dutch member of the E.U. Parliament Marietje Schaake
told us last week, "The bulk of this digital arms trade happens under
the radar; through spin-offs of well-known companies, but mostly by
players without a reputation to lose with consumers."

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