[Burkina Faso] Islamic Fundamentalism or Compaore's presidential guard?

Subject: [Burkina Faso] Islamic Fundamentalism or Compaore's presidential guard?
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Sometimes it's not about religion at all.  It's about dictatorial

Ansarul Islam movement is the first home-grown Islamist group in
Burkina Faso.

That alone is troubling enough for President Rock Marc Christian
Kabore's government but it is not the scariest thing about the threat
posed by this radical group.

Intelligence officials believe some ex-soldiers of the presidential
elite regiment, the RSP, are lending them a hand.

Officials were recently quoted by a Malian newspaper as saying that
they intercepted a communication between an RSP fugitive, Boubacar
Sawadogo, and Ansarul Islam's leader.

The intercept confirmed what the government had long suspected - that
former RSP members are taking part in attacks by jihadists both in Mali
and Burkina Faso.

For more than 27 years, the RSP had been a nightmare for democrats in
Burkina Faso. It was set up by former President Blaise Compaore for his
personal security.

The regiment was notorious for operating outside official boundaries.

However, after the uprising which ousted Mr Compaore in 2014, it
suddenly found itself without a clear purpose and felt its existence

In a bid for survival, members staged a short-lived coup against the
transitional government before being forced to hand over power by
neighbouring countries.

Fleeing justice afterwards, many RSP members including Boubacar
Sawadogo took to a clandestine life.

Dildo Baggins <dildo@gofuckyourself.gmail.invalid>

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