Re: S Sudan: 6 aid workers killed despite famine

Subject: Re: S Sudan: 6 aid workers killed despite famine
From: (RS Wood)
Date: Mar 28 2017 10:59:55
On 2017-03-27, Phab Four <> wrote:
Soudan du Sud : six travailleurs humanitaires tu├ęs dans une
 embuscade -

Not surprising:

South Sudan attack 'could hinder aid deliveries'

Aid agencies say the "shocking" killing of six aid workers in South Sudan on
Saturday is causing them to re-assess how and when they can deliver

The victims were ambushed by unknown attackers when travelling between Juba
and the town of Pibor to the northeast.

Oxfam said the attack "demonstrates how dangerous it is here" and was
leading agencies to re-evaluate "what is mission-critical and what is not".

Aid deliveries would continue but could be delayed, it said.

The latest fatal attack on humanitarian workers came a month after famine
was declared in parts of Unity state in northern South Sudan.

The UN says the famine - the first to be announced anywhere in the world in
six years - is man-made, resulting from a political conflict that escalated
into war in 2013.

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