[Pakistan] Land of the intolerant

Subject: [Pakistan] Land of the intolerant
From: rsw@therandymon.com (RS Wood)
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Date: Oct 19 2017 18:58:20
What does it mean when your god hates all the same stuff you do?


KARACHI, Pakistan — This country has a poor record of protecting its
religious minorities, but we outdo ourselves when it comes to Ahmadis.
Members of the sect insist on calling themselves Muslims, and we
mainstream Muslims insist on treating them like the worst kind of

The day I wrote this piece, a small headline in a newspaper informed me
that an Ahmadi lawyer, his wife and two-year-old child had been shot
dead by gunmen at home, for being Ahmadis. Killings like this have
happened so many times that the story wasn’t even the main news. On May
28, 2010, some 90 Ahmadis were killed during attacks on two mosques in
Lahore. No public official attended the funerals.

You would think that the government, law enforcers and the courts would
do something about such sustained acts of brutality. But they are too
hard at work. I learned from another recent headline that a district
court near Lahore, in eastern Pakistan, had sentenced three Ahmadi men
to death for blasphemy. A fourth man was shot dead before the trial
while in police custody.


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