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Subject: Re: [Somalia] Farmajo takes office
From: (RS Wood)
Date: Mar 27 2017 10:49:29
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Title: Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo gives Horn of Africa fresh hope
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 03:13:00 -0500

To deliver a cure for Somalia’s chronic ills, he will need to boost ties with
neighbours and win support of AU.

Meanwhile, Kenya is taking this as an opportunity to suggest somali
refugees should be repatriated.

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Title: Call to repatriate Somalia refugees
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2017 18:27:13 +0300

Regional bloc roots for increased support to Mogadishu

This too:

Mr Mohamed must reinvent the Somali state.  He has the opportunity to carry
through with the reforms he started as premier.  He must create a
transparent, open, and democratic state devoid of corruption and impunity.
He must use the deserved goodwill of the entire Somali people to stand up
institutions of the state that work and are fair.  An independent judiciary
is indispensable.  The executive must be accountable and service-oriented.
The legislature, long a den of the mafiosi, must be brought under the rule
of law.  These steps will give confidence to the people – both at home and
the large Somali diaspora – to return or invest in the economy.  Drones and
guns alone will not vanquish Al Shabaab.  Mr Mohamed together with Amisom
and the US need to court Somalis who have joined Al Shabaab out of

They must isolate the moderates from the diehard Al Qaeda and
ISIS-affiliated jihadists.  Most Somali Al-Shabaab fighters do not have
global jihadist ambitions.  They can lay down their arms with a peace deal
and a path to deradicalisation and reintegration.  Mr Mohamed and his allies
must decisively address the current famine.  To defeat Al Shabaab and lead a
Somali renaissance, he must create a society of opportunity.

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