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Subject: Re: [Somalia] Farmajo takes office
From: (RS Wood)
Date: Mar 27 2017 10:43:58
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Title: Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo gives Horn of Africa fresh hope
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 03:13:00 -0500

To deliver a cure for Somalia’s chronic ills, he will need to boost ties with
neighbours and win support of AU.

Meanwhile, Kenya is taking this as an opportunity to suggest somali
refugees should be repatriated.

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Title: Call to repatriate Somalia refugees
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2017 18:27:13 +0300

Regional bloc roots for increased support to Mogadishu

What Mr Mohamed did in his short stint as Prime Minister brought hope to
Somalis everywhere.  In less than a year, he paid bureaucrats and soldiers
on time.  He introduced a code of ethics and required public officials to
declare their wealth.  He set up an anti-corruption commission to curb
official graft.  He stopped wasteful international travel junkets by senior
officials.  He introduced a full audit of government property.  He trained
more than a thousand new security officials and together with the African
Union Mission to Somalia (Amisom), the multinational force fighting Al
Shabaab, retook most of the capital Mogadishu and large chunks of the
countryside.  Lastly, he defused clan tensions and engaged religious and
scholars on constitutional talks.

Historically, the Somali political landscape has been a snake pit.  Somalia
is not riven by ethnic or linguistic cleavages.  Out of 12 million, eight to
five percent of the population is ethnic Somali, 15 per cent Bantu, with a
small number of Arabs.  However, the demon of Somalia has been competing and
toxic Somali clan politics.  No central government can survive without
massaging and managing the economic and political interests of clan-based
elites.  In a pastoralist culture where the writ of the central state has
historically been wafer thin, clan elders are king.  In the last two
decades, state collapse and the total decimation of the economy have fed the
radicalisation of disenfranchised and disillusioned youth.  That’s why Al
Shabaab has thrived.

Somali jihadists have perverted Islam to create a state of terror.
Extremism has grown without economic opportunity, law and order.  Amisom and
Somali security forces protect the government in Mogadishu but the
countryside remains perilous.  Amisom troops, especially the Kenyan
contingent, have taken huge losses from Al Shabaab attacks.  Runaway
corruption by the government and perceptions of human rights violations by
Amisom have hindered the campaign against Al Shabaab.  Besides, Mogadishu
has no control over the self-declared rogue statelets of Puntland and
Somaliland, which are not recognised internationally.  President Mohamed
faces a herculean task as he attempts to restore Somali statehood and
sovereignty.  He and his international backers, especially the US, must take
several pivotal steps to return Somalia to civility.  Read more at:

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