Re: North Korea threatens Guam

Subject: Re: North Korea threatens Guam
From: (RS Wood)
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Date: Oct 17 2017 03:00:19
On 2017-10-14, JAB <> wrote:
North Korea threatens Guam with 'salvo of missiles' if Donald Trump
keeps up provocations

Well now, did Trump just burn his "rump" with his rhetoric?

I doubt it.  KJU is all talk, no walk.  His entire strategy is based on
/threatening/ to nuke things, not actually nuking them.  The second he
/starts nuking things, the war begins, and his strategy has basically come
/to an end.  The rest of the world will be forced to bomb him back into the
/stone age, and the Kim dynasty is toast.

But threatening stuff is fun.

If you want to be done with Norkorea, start ignoring it, totally.  Take it
off the news, do away with his publicity.  Make him a non-entity.  And why
not?  Norkorea produces nothing of value, has contributed nothing to the
world, is a relic and a nuisance.

Go ahead, ya shavy-head bastard: first move is yours.

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