[Burma] Rohingya exodus to Bangladesh

Subject: [Burma] Rohingya exodus to Bangladesh
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Date: Sep 07 2017 16:26:36
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The recording, which appears to depict unarmed members of the Rohingya minority
being beaten in Rakhine State, adds to pressure on the government.

At what point can we just call this genocide?  Sounds unspeakably
brutal. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-41189748

Local Bangladeshis gathered on the beach wave frantically. "This way,
this way," they say as they guide the boats into shallower waters.

As the first one hits the shoreline near Shamlapur, several men jump
off. The women and children are helped out, a couple almost collapsing
as their legs buckle under them.

The direct route across the Naf river is no longer accessible. The
Bangladeshi authorities have stopped them from coming from that
direction after several Rohingyas drowned attempting the crossing.

So they circumnavigate, heading out to sea before turning back. A
journey which would have taken under an hour now takes about six to

As the Rohingyas hit the beach, they collapse in a heap. Many look
dazed and disoriented after the voyage. Others are visibly dehydrated,
some are retching.

A few, including men, start sobbing uncontrollably, their bodies
heaving. They cannot, it appears, believe they are alive. Others are
handed mobile phones by locals so they can tell their loves ones they
made it.

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