Re: [N Korea] Trump will urge China to react. Good!

Subject: Re: [N Korea] Trump will urge China to react. Good!
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Date: Aug 13 2017 02:52:12
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Title: Trump 'disappointed' with China after North Korea missile test
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2017 02:20:50 -0400

The US president says he won't allow China "to do nothing" after
North Korea's latest rocket test.

The crisis is first a measure of China’s reliability. If it is to
achieve its goal of becoming a dominant force in the Asian Pacific,
other powerful nations in the region must feel a degree of confidence
that Beijing can make sound decisions and carry them out wisely. North
Korea’s existence is the oldest foreign policy decision of the Chinese
Communist government. The Red Army’s intervention in the Korean War in
1950, which drove back the American-led U.N. forces and compelled a
cease-fire, was the birth of a divided Korean Peninsula.

And what is the fruit of that Chinese action after nearly 70 years? A
hermit kingdom of wretched poverty, ruled despotically by a thuggish
family bent on destabilizing the world. For many decades, China has
tolerated this humiliating failure as a way of tweaking the United
States at low cost.

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