Re: [N Korea] Nukes, schmukes, dukes

Subject: Re: [N Korea] Nukes, schmukes, dukes
From: (RS Wood)
Organization: blocknews -
Date: Jul 30 2017 20:32:13

On 2017-07-30, NewsBeanie <> wrote:
Title: North Korea’s Launch of Ballistic Missiles Raises New Worries
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2017 20:24:05 -0500

The launch prompted an urgent meeting of high-level South Korean security
officials to discuss the latest provocation from the North.

Except, now it's serious, isn't it?

Amazing that everyone is standing by, allowing this to become a
KJU-vs-Trump affair.  Shame on Japan and China for not stepping into the
breach.  Too advantageous to play the victim, I'd say.

We solve the Kim Jong Un problem with one poisoned arrow, or a devoted team
of kidnappers.  And a very short Youtube video ...

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