[USA] Dumbass Michigan official calls to kill every last Muslim

Subject: [USA] Dumbass Michigan official calls to kill every last Muslim
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Date: Jul 13 2017 18:47:33
Idiocy seems to be cool again.  What a douche.


 A Trump-loving PizzaGate truther who serves as a local official in
Michigan isn’t sorry he shared a Facebook post calling for “every last
Muslim” to be killed.

“I owe nobody an apology for exercising my First Amendment rights,”
Kalkaska village president Jeff Sieting said during Monday’s council
meeting, the Record-Eagle reported.

His defiant defense came in response to real-estate broker Cindy
Anderson, who lives in nearby Traverse City and has visited family in
Kalkaska for the last 53 years.

“As an elected official you can’t pick and choose what color skin, who
someone loves, or who they worship as who you are going to protect and
serve,” Anderson told the Daily News on Thursday. “You protect and
serve everybody.”

Dildo Baggins <dildo@gofuckyourself.gmail.invalid>

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