Re: [N Korea] sends Warmbier home brain dead since a year ago

Subject: Re: [N Korea] sends Warmbier home brain dead since a year ago
From: (Dildo Baggins)
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Date: Jun 22 2017 20:28:14
On Tue, 20 Jun 2017 23:06:23 -0400
RS Wood <> wrote:

And now he's dead.  What a fucking tragedy.

That poor family.  They must be suffering.

Hope some day when they catch KJU they put steel spikes in his brain and
electrocute him slowly.

Op ed:  Demand full accountability, even though KJU and team of
fuck-heads will try to shut this down as quickly and as irrevocably as

How should Washington respond to the death of Otto Warmbier?

The United States needs to demand a full accounting of what happened to
Mr. Warmbier, who was 21 when he was arrested in early 2016, apparently
for trying to make off with a poster as a souvenir while visiting the
country. He paid for this transgression with his life. North Korea’s
opaqueness about everything means Pyongyang will try to close this
case, hoping that Washington will move on.

The United States should never move on. A full accounting needs to
include Mr. Warmbier’s whereabouts during his last 17 months, precisely
when and how he fell ill, and what treatment he received. Americans
should be allowed to interview the medical personnel who were involved.

Should the United States take military action if the North Koreans
refuse to cooperate?

We would be morally justified in launching a military attack. The North
Koreans have left us to conclude that our citizen was brutalized in
their custody. But a military strike would be a mistake now — for the
same reasons that bedevil possible military action in response to the
country’s nuclear program. We cannot attack the North without risking
retaliation against the South, which would pull the United States into
a broader conflict. At least 20 million South Korean lives would be put
in danger if the North retaliated against the South, and Seoul is
unlikely to agree to support United States military action now.
Sustained diplomatic pressure, including more sanctions, offers the
best way forward, for now.

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