Re: [N Korea] the nukes are real

Subject: Re: [N Korea] the nukes are real
From: (Dildo Baggins)
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Date: Mar 22 2017 15:40:04
On Fri, 17 Mar 2017 15:23:02 -0400
Dildo Baggins <> wrote:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, visiting South Korea, said for the
first time that the Trump administration might take pre-emptive action
if North Korea’s nuclear threat reached an unacceptable level.

Dildo Baggins <>

Tillerson has the right idea.  Nice to have a competent professional at
the State Dept.

Like Mr. Obama, Mr. Trump sees China as the only country with the
leverage to get the North to abandon its nuclear program. But the
agenda with China also includes trade and other issues and the
preservation of a vital relationship that Mr. Trump needs to get right.
After Mr. Trump’s frequent harsh complaints about China, it was
stunning to hear Mr. Tillerson, in Beijing, adopt language that Chinese
leaders use to describe their vision for a United States-China
relationship built on “nonconfrontation, no conflict, mutual respect
and always searching for win-win solutions.”

American experts say China is likely to view this formulation as
American acceptance of its sphere of influence in Tibet, Xinjiang,
Taiwan and the South China Sea while Mr. Trump may see it as the cost
of getting Beijing to lean harder on North Korea. If the United States
and China can find a path forward on North Korea, the time to announce
it is when Mr. Trump and President Xi Jinping hold their first meeting,
reportedly in April.

The situation with North Korea is steadily deteriorating. After Mr.
Tillerson’s muscular comments on the Asia trip, North Korea declared
that it was ready for war with the United States and fears neither
possible pre-emptive military action nor harsher sanctions.
Dildo Baggins <>

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