Re: Left of Launch

Subject: Re: Left of Launch
From: (RS Wood)
Date: Mar 20 2017 01:42:15
JAB <> writes:


The strategy is based on a preemptive strike with new non kinetic
technologies, such as electromagnetic propagation, cyber as well as
offensive force to defeat nuclear ballistic missile threats before
they are launched, known as "left of launch." The strategy is to
attack by electronic embedment or through the electronic radar
signatures of the threat’s command and control systems and the
targeting systems of the threatening ballistic missiles.

I fully support this strategy of buggering N Korea's weapon systems (for
example) before they get a chance to use them.  Ideally, you'd rejigger
their command-and-control systems, fubar their GPS, ferschnozzle their
communication systems, and generally work it so that their nukes come
back and land on the presidential palace.  Equally tempting, have the
nukes detonate in the lab, killing the pencilnecks currently developing
the systems and buggering the labs and hardware.

Where's Stuxnet when you need it?

Or maybe they've got their finger on the trigger.

In any case, Kim Jong Doofus is an Asshat of an order of magnitude
greater than his grandfather (jury's still out on his shavy-head bastard
of an old man).

I fully support Left of Launch.  And installing nukes in Kim Jong
Doofus's toilet, pointed upwards and on a short fuse.

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