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Subject: Re: [Iran] and now we know Iran is a lying sack of shit: nuclear
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Date: Jul 16 2018 19:55:15
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The effort yielded nothing. And until Mr. Netanyahu’s speech, the
Iranians never said a word in public about what had happened.

Among the most fascinating elements of the archive are pictures taken
inside what were once key facilities in Iran, before the equipment was
dismantled in anticipation of international inspections. One set of
photos taken by the Iranians appears to show a giant metal chamber
built to conduct high-explosive experiments, in a building at Parchin,
a military base near Tehran.

Intelligence agencies had long suspected nuclear activity at the
Parchin site, and Iran had refused to allow international inspectors
in, saying that as a military base, it was off limits to inspectors and
not part of any nuclear experiments.

By the time the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya
Amano, was finally permitted to visit the site in 2015, it was empty,
though the agency’s report indicated that it looked as if equipment had
been removed. The photos indicate that is exactly what happened: They
show a large chamber that nuclear experts say is tailor-made for the
kind of experimental activity that the international inspectors were
looking for.

It was part of a larger, previously known effort: Satellite photographs
show that Parchin was so sanitized before the inspectors’ arrival that
tons of soil in the area had been removed, to eliminate any traces of

Special shoutout to Pakistan and China.  From the same article, we
learn about our douchey neighbors:

The Iranian papers repeatedly mention a specific substance used for
making neutron initiators: uranium deuteride. Experts say it has no
civil or military use other than making nuclear arms, and is known to
have been used for that purpose by China and Pakistan. The initiator
appears to be one of the key technologies that A.Q. Khan, the Pakistani
nuclear expert who ran a black market in atomic goods, sold to Iran,
North Korea and other nations.

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