[Yemen] former president Saleh killed in raid

Subject: [Yemen] former president Saleh killed in raid
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Date: Dec 04 2017 17:22:13

 The former president of Yemen and a main player in its long-running
civil war has been killed after an enemy faction attacked his house,
according to reports.

Ali Abdullah Saleh resigned from the presidency of the nation in 2012
after the Arab Spring, but has recently come back to the fore after
rebels ousted his predecessor three years later.

Those Houthi rebels’ links to Iran led to a persistent air campaign
from Yemen's neighbor Saudi Arabia, further plunging the country into
violence and competing claims for the right to govern.

Houthis have recently turned on Saleh, however, and said Monday that
they had killed their former ally.

Residents in the capital of Sanaa mired in the humanitarian catastrophe
said that they had witnessed the explosion at Saleh’s home.

Circumstances for the alleged death of Saleh, who was the leader of
Yemen and its precursor Yemen Arab Republic for decades and cooperated
with the U.S., were not immediately clear.

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