Re: [Syria] Assad's greatest hits, after six years of carnage

Subject: Re: [Syria] Assad's greatest hits, after six years of carnage
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e most modern means and ancient tactics to slaughter
his people.

  More False Flag BS.

Jeffery <.@.> posted:

" The Syrian conflict is not a civil war, but a foreign-backed
incursion. The war in Syria began in 2011 when the USA, UK, France,
Turkey and the Gulf states of Saudi Arabia and Qatar targeted the
country for regime change.

    The initial demonstrations against the Assad government in 2011
were not spontaneous rebellions by the Syrian people, but were
organised by groups connected to British-American networks set up to
interfere in other countries in the name of spreading "democracy".
Among these are the International Republican Institute, and the
"non-violent revolution" movement instructed by Oxford-trained
theorist Gene Sharp, which has been involved in all of the various
"colour revolutions" that the Anglo-Americans have backed in Eastern
Europe to expand NATO and encircle Russia.

    The principal source of "eyewitness accounts" and video and
photographic "evidence" of attacks on civilians by the Syrian Army
and/or Russian Air Force is a group calling itself the Syria Civil
Defence (SCD)-a name co-opted from a real humanitarian organisation
founded in 1953 and still operational in the government-held areas of
Syria. The fake SCD, whose operatives are known as the White Helmets,
is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and funded by the British and US
governments, as well as by several Western NGOs. Its founder and
director is former British Army intelligence officer and Foreign
Office consultant James Le Mesurier, a specialist in "democratisation
programs" who was involved in NATO's regime-change operations in
Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq. The White Helmets operate exclusively in
areas occupied by jihadists (including ISIS), whom they openly embrace
as "brothers" on Arabic-language social media. For example, video
freely available on YouTube shows White Helmets trading friendly
banter with al-Nusra militants and flashing the "victory" sign from
atop a pile of Syrian Army corpses.

    The claims made by the Americans, British, and French, and
repeated by the media, that Assad is killing his own people who are
rising up against his brutal regime, are exactly the same claims they
made against Libyan leader Gaddafi in 2011, to justify the
intervention that overthrew Gaddafi's regime. The UK House of Commons
Foreign Affairs Committee has just released a report on the Libya
intervention, which proves all of those claims were lies. The Libya
Report states: "This policy was not informed by accurate

    The Libya Report also states that the American, British and French
did not bother to secure Gaddafi's stockpiles, which allowed those
weapons to fall into the hands of terrorists who spread them all over
North Africa and into Syria. Investigative report Seymour Hersh has
exposed this as deliberate.

    US State Senator Richard Black has presented evidence that the
chemical-weapons attack that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
supposedly carried out against civilians in Ghouta in August 2013 was
actually conducted by al-Qaeda and Turkey, to create a pretext for an
American intervention.

    Until the Russians intervened in Syria in September 2015, ISIS was
barely touched, despite Obama's much-vaunted coalition of 67 nations,
including Australia. The US-led coalition had allowed ISIS to travel
hundreds of miles across open desert with hundreds of vehicles,
including tanks and artillery to capture Palmyra. All because it was
part of the advance to Damascus, and the overthrow of
Assad. "   

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