Re: [Bahrain] can buy American arms again - yippee

Subject: Re: [Bahrain] can buy American arms again - yippee
From: (Dildo Baggins)
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Date: Apr 04 2017 08:55:06
On Thu, 30 Mar 2017 08:49:46 GMT
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Title: Rex Tillerson to Lift Human Rights Conditions on Arms Sale to Bahrain
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2017 01:37:30 +0300
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The decision could mend a rift with a critical Middle East ally, but it is
bound to be read by other nations in the region as a sign the administration
will ease human rights demands.

All this talk about how to have peace in the Mideast.  Stop funding
Israel's every little transgression *cough*settlements*cough* and stop
selling the rest of the countries arms would be a good start.  Hard to
have peace when everyone (except the poor locals) is doing so well as a
result of war.

Was thinking of Yemen and South Sudan - nothing to eat, but bullets
aren't free and there seems to be plenty of money to buy those.  WTF,

Dildo Baggins <>

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