[Egypt] Sisi and Trump, sitting in a tree

Subject: [Egypt] Sisi and Trump, sitting in a tree
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Date: Apr 04 2017 08:18:12

To be sure, there is genuine “chemistry” between the two leaders, as Mr
Trump said after meeting Mr Sisi in September. Mr Sisi, in turn, was
the first foreign leader to congratulate Mr Trump on his election win.
Both men are prickly, imperious and prone to spreading conspiracy
theories. Unlike Barack Obama, Mr Trump seems to care little about
Egypt’s atrocious human-rights record and supports Mr Sisi’s dark view
of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that he pushed out of

It is possible that Mr Sisi’s support did not in fact help Mr Trump
win, as one Egyptian newspaper (citing an obscure presidential adviser)
asserts—or that “Egypt was the only country in the world confident in
Donald Trump’s victory,” as another publication, Youm7, has claimed.
Still, perhaps flattery gets you somewhere. Mr Trump has banned
travellers from six Muslim-majority countries. Egypt is exempt for now.

Dildo Baggins <dildo@gofuckyourself.gmail.invalid>

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