Re: [Serbia]: Dictatorship government "hunger strikes" against protesters ; )

Subject: Re: [Serbia]: Dictatorship government "hunger strikes" against protesters ; )
From: (RS Wood)
Newsgroups: dictator.europe
Date: Apr 15 2019 20:11:58
On 2019-04-11, Melzzzzz <> wrote:
This informer is ultimate garbage in spreading hatred and propaganda so
this is why I'm linking this ;)
Vulin (minister of diffence) and ellectors starting hunger strike
because of violence that Djilasovci (one of leaders of opposition)
make on Serbia ;))))))))))))
I think this is reeeeeeeeeally funny ;)

I had no idea it was getting that bad.  The news is really not getting
out about Serbia, or is it just in the usa where we're not hearing about

Bad times in the Balkans, that's for sure.

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