[UK] Brexit and dark money

Subject: [UK] Brexit and dark money
From: rswood@therandymon.com (RS Wood)
Newsgroups: dictator.europe
Organization: solani.org
Date: Mar 09 2019 16:12:26


And here’s the final irony: If Brexit was the creation, in part, of
this new world of offshore money and political influence campaigns,
Brexit may well ensure that it continues unrestricted. The E.U. is
probably the only power in Europe — maybe even the only one in the
world — with the regulatory strength to change the culture of tax
avoidance. And since 2016, it has been slowly enacting rules designed
to do exactly that. Britain, once it leaves the E.U., may well be

British industry might suffer after Brexit, and British power will be
reduced. But the gray zone — where politics meets money, where foreign
money can become domestic, where assets can be hidden and connections
concealed — will survive. Perhaps that was the point all along.

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