[Russia] vote or else: Crimea

Subject: [Russia] vote or else: Crimea
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Date: Mar 16 2018 22:38:12

Vote — or else: Crimea’s propaganda machine fans fear in closing days
of Putin’s campaign

 SIMFEROPOL, Crimea — On the eve of Russia’s presidential election,
government television here has been airing segments showing Crimeans
what they would face if not for Russian President Vladimir Putin:
rocket fire, grieving women and same-sex weddings.

On a political show, the host warns that the West will use any sign of
Russian weakness due to low turnout to carry out plans to exterminate
the Russian people.

“Our role is a military one,” says Yekaterina Kozyr, the head of this
annexed territory’s fast-expanding government broadcaster. “There is a
war going on.”

In 2014, as Putin’s capture of this Black Sea peninsula unfolded,
Russian troops wearing uniforms without identifying markings seized the
dilapidated Crimean headquarters of the Ukrainian state television
broadcaster. Four years later, the building gleams, freshly sheathed in
gray metal siding. Inside the new modern studios, a staff more than
double the Ukraine-era size is fanning fears of annihilation to boost
Putin ahead of Sunday’s vote.

RS Wood <rsw@therandymon.com>

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