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Subject: Re: [Russia] Sobchak to run as opposition
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Date: Dec 11 2017 19:33:10
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Title: With celeb-journalist's candidacy, stage is set for Putin's 2018 reelection
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2017 23:28:44 -0400

Last week, journalist Ksenia Sobchak threw her hat into the ring for Russia's
upcoming election. Experts say that while her candidacy is likely sincere, it
fills a desired role in the campaign that Vladimir Putin is all but certain to
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Putin is assured reelection, and talk about secession begins.

MOSCOW — Ask Russian analysts to describe the coming presidential
election campaign, and their answers contain a uniform theme: a circus,
a carnival, a sideshow.

What they do not call it is a real election.

With the victory of President Vladimir V. Putin assured, the real
contest, analysts said, is the bare-knuckled, no-holds-barred fight to
determine who or what comes after him by the end of his next six years
in office, in 2024. What might be called the Court of Putin — the top
40 to 50 people in the Kremlin and their oligarch allies — will spend
the coming presidential term brawling over that future.

When Mr. Putin confirmed last week that he would run again, he might as
well have been firing the starting gun for the race toward his
succession. He is barred by the Constitution from seeking a
third-consecutive term, his fifth total, in 2024.

“The election itself does not matter at all,” said Gleb O. Pavlovsky, a
political analyst and former Kremlin consultant. The people around the
president, he added, “are deciding the question of who they themselves
will be after Putin. That is the main motive behind this fight: It is a
struggle for a place in the system after Putin is gone.”

While no one can be certain what Mr. Putin, 65, will do when his next
term ends, those in his inner circle are already preparing for the day
he leaves the presidency, eager to preserve their power and to avoid
any fallout that could follow a change in leadership. With an
expiration date on the horizon, his court is beginning to focus more on
self-preservation than on serving Mr. Putin.

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