[Germany] conservatism as a culture returns

Subject: [Germany] conservatism as a culture returns
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Date: Nov 03 2017 14:56:15

Interesting times for Germany, who struggles with much of what the rest
of Europe does.  Except more cleverly.

In the face of the worst result in the party’s history, however, many
feel conservatism as a method, rather than a set of principles, is no
longer enough, and that Merkelism has lost all meaning. Especially in
light of the rise of the far right, they want to reclaim their party’s
focus on national identity and Leitkultur. The postelection crisis of
German conservatism amounts to these questions: How “deutsch” does
conservatism have to be to win back voters from Alternative for
Germany? And at what cost?

To understand where German conservatism may be headed, look at Jens
Spahn. A Christian Democrat in the Bundestag, Mr. Spahn is not a
nationalist, but he believes that a certain dose of nationalism could
have healing powers — healing for both public insecurities and his own
party’s misery. He is young, eloquent and ambitious, and an openly gay
resident of Berlin. Political insiders consider him a potential
successor to Ms. Merkel as the head of the Christian Democrats, if not
as chancellor. He is too smart to indulge in the blunt copying of
Alternative for Germany slogans that others in his party have taken to
after the election. But he is aware of the power of political symbols
and has supported a ban on wearing a burqa in public, as well as a ban
on dual citizenship.

RS Wood <rsw@therandymon.com>

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