[France] low hopes for Jupiterian Macron

Subject: [France] low hopes for Jupiterian Macron
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To be fair, Mr. Macron never had much popular support to begin with. In
the first round of the presidential election in April, when the vote
was split among four main contenders, he won just under 24 percent. (By
comparison, François Hollande received 28 percent of the vote in the
first round in 2012. Nicolas Sarkozy won 31 percent in 2007.) Mr.
Macron won the second round handily, but only because he was the
lesser-evil candidate in the runoff — his competitor was Marine Le Pen,
the leader of the far-right populist National Front party.

Electoral arithmetic explains only so much. Mr. Macron’s popularity
suffers from something more fundamental: Macronism. His entire
political project has been far too focused on his personality. Much of
his appeal has come from his youth, his dynamism, his good looks and
his oratorical skills. This hyper-personalized approach always carried
the risk that once his charm wore off, there would be nothing left for
his supporters to like, which is exactly what is happening.

Since taking office, Mr. Macron has put off many people by trying to
recapture the grandeur of the presidency. In a phrase that may stick to
him for the rest of his time in office, he said he wanted to make the
presidency more “Jupiterian,” comparing himself with the powerful Roman
god Jupiter, who ruled the skies. When he brought the Senate and
Parliament together at the Versailles palace and spoke to them about
his ambitions for the presidency, many in France bristled at the
monarchical overtones. Continue reading the main story

Continue reading the main story

This arrogant attitude about power has destroyed the
anti-establishment, upstart image that Mr. Macron cultivated during the
campaign. The post-ideological platform on which he ran is starting to
reveal itself for what it really is: an emptiness at the heart of his
political project.

Dildo Baggins <dildo@gofuckyourself.gmail.invalid>

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