[France] plutocratic manipulation?

Subject: [France] plutocratic manipulation?
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Interesting piece.  Not sure what to make of it.

The mechanism worked like this: First, the leaders of major financial,
industrial and commercial groups, as well as eminent advisers to the
government, chose the future president of the republic — in this case,
Emmanuel Macron — and instructed him on his mission. Then these
oligarchs mobilized the state, the government, the law, the media,
communicators, artists, freelancers, pollsters, bookmakers and civil
society leaders to carry him to the highest office in the land. The
machine went to work, and in a single rotation turned the applicant
into the people’s candidate, the favorite, the unconquerable hero. Even
he became convinced.

The rest was a simple formality: It was just a matter of eliminating
the other candidates. The campaign’s starting line, packed with
contenders, depressed the people by illustrating just how much
political parties had divided the country. Party primaries were
proffered as a remedy: They would sort everything out mercilessly. And
so they did. The serious candidates — Manuel Valls, on the left, and
Alain Juppé, on the right — were eliminated.

The law then issued fatwas against the leading candidates who remained,
and the press, the oligarchy’s secular arm, proceeded to hunt them
down. François Fillon, of Les Républicains, and Marine Le Pen, of the
National Front, were hounded for what, by the standards of French
politics, amounts to shoplifting, their photographs plastered on the
front pages of newspapers.

Dildo Baggins <dildo@gofuckyourself.gmail.invalid>

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