Re: [France] LePen and xenophobic movements

Subject: Re: [France] LePen and xenophobic movements
From: (Nicolas)
Newsgroups: dictator.europe
Date: Mar 21 2017 02:12:28
Dildo Baggins <> writes:

In “Le Mal Français”, a book published in 1976, Alain Peyrefitte, a
minister under Charles de Gaulle, lamented the fact that such a
talented country had produced such a blocked system. Every now and
then, it seems, France needs to go through convulsions of abrupt change
in order to free itself from l’immobilisme (paralysis). History shows
that such moments of upheaval can produce startling and creative forces
for renewal. But they can also presage a slide into darkness. In Mr
Macron’s cities, and Ms Le Pen’s peripheries, France is poised to go
either way. The choice it makes could scarcely matter more.

The election of Ms Le Pen would not only bring to power a leader who
has compared Muslims praying in the street to the Nazi occupation of
France. It would prompt a crisis of government: the FN is highly
unlikely to win a majority in June’s legislative elections, even if she
is president. And it would threaten the future of Europe. Ms Le Pen has
promised to abandon the euro in favour of a new franc and to hold a
referendum on leaving the EU within her first six months (though she
would need parliamentary approval to do so). The EU can survive the
loss of Britain; the loss of France would bring the project that has
underpinned the European order for the past 60 years to a close.

If the journal of the oligarch want to see Marine Le Pen elected, it
must be because she goes against their interests...
Please. Marine Le Pen is on the main page of the economist displaying
tarot card. I'm not gonna list everything that is wrong about this party
(list would be extremly long, going from LGBT/free masonry to Middle
east debt), but all I can tell is that a political solution, following
the current "democratic" system is lure. The system is such locked up
that it's nearly impossible for an outsider to do anything.

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