[Russia] is going to debunk "fake news"

Subject: [Russia] is going to debunk "fake news"
From: dildobaggins@gmail.gofuckyourself.invalid (Dil Do Baggins)
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Date: Feb 23 2017 20:15:47
Good on ya, Russia.


Russia's foreign ministry has launched a website to debunk fake news, but some social media users critical of the government are unimpressed by its lack of evidence.

Moscow has itself often been accused of using propaganda and false information, especially in state media reporting on the conflict in Ukraine and its alleged attempts to influence the US presidential election.

But Russia also says it's been the subject of false reports. On Monday the foreign ministry began posting stories it considers fake to a special section of its website, headlined "Examples of publications, retranslating false information about Russia".

Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the site would collect "fake news of leading western media", and provide primary sources and facts countering them.

However, it currently contains nothing but screenshots of news items with a big red "fake news" stamp, a link to the original story, and, in each case, the words "This article puts forward information that does not correspond to reality."

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