unfixable: democracy after strongmen

Subject: unfixable: democracy after strongmen
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Date: Nov 18 2018 04:44:41
Good article.


Because many of these countries were, until recently, vibrant
democracies, analysts and locals often insist that their political
systems will ultimately survive autocratic populism and that their
democracies are resilient. Even in places where populists have already
severely damaged freedoms, opinion leaders say democracy can be
restored after those leaders leave. Prominent Turks whisper to Steven
Cook of the Council on Foreign Relations that, after Erdogan exits the
scene, Turkey can rejoin the “club of democracies” and rebuild its
political system. In the United States and globally, political
scientist William Galston of the Brookings Institution argues, “this is
no time for panic” about the survival of liberal democracy.
“Established democracies have weathered far worse,” says James Jay
Carafano of the Heritage Foundation. A major report by the Center for
American Progress dismisses the fear that democracy is “a lost cause or
that the global tilt toward illiberalism is irreversible.”

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