Re: "Angry American Voter Is Scared"

Subject: Re: "Angry American Voter Is Scared"
From: (JAB)
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Date: Feb 07 2018 06:10:01
On Tue, 6 Feb 2018 16:10:32 -0500, RS Wood <>

a way of banding the hoipolloy together.

Aka esprit de corps

convincing the people that the world is dangerous and scary and
that only they can protect you from it

During era of company owned coal mining towns, the brass found that
diversionary activities (e.g. sports) reduced workers'
focus/complaints upon company activities.

Today, with Facebook, Internet, sports, and other diversionary
activities, many don't focus on news.  They may pass by "headlines,"
but tend to lack views on both sides of a topic.

Today, I'm not aware of musicians diving into politics...most likely,
record companies herd them away from this venue.

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