Re: fake porn has serious consequences

Subject: Re: fake porn has serious consequences
From: (RS Wood)
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Date: Feb 06 2018 21:50:07
On Sat, 03 Feb 2018 07:51:33 -0600
JAB <> wrote:

Deepfakes porn has serious consequences

In recent weeks there has been an explosion in what has become known
as deepfakes: pornographic videos manipulated so that the original
actress' face is replaced with somebody else's.
One video created with the deepfake technology turns Donald Trump into
Dr Evil from the Austin Powers films
Political abuse

It is a tech journalism cliche to say that one of the biggest drivers
of innovation has historically been the porn business - whether it
improved video compression, or was instrumental in the success of home
video cassettes.

As was the case then, what has begun here with porn could reach into
other facets of life.

In a piece for The Outline, journalist Jon Christian puts out a worst
case scenario, that this technology "could down the road be used
maliciously to hoax governments and populations, or cause
international conflict"

Interesting article.  I'm adding in dictator.general because this has
obvious implications for governance too: what do you do when you can't
credibly believe in *anything* you see on TV, in the media, on the
Internet, etc?  Digital signatures etc might help, but even those will
be faked by creative scammers.

Weird dystopia, this one.

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