polygyny and bride price lead to instability

Subject: polygyny and bride price lead to instability
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Date: Dec 31 2017 21:39:23
Interesting logic and analysis that explains a lot about the mideast.
one wife per person, please.


Wherever it is widely practised, polygamy (specifically polygyny, the
taking of multiple wives) destabilises society, largely because it is a
form of inequality which creates an urgent distress in the hearts, and
loins, of young men. If a rich man has a Lamborghini, that does not
mean that a poor man has to walk, for the supply of cars is not fixed.
By contrast, every time a rich man takes an extra wife, another poor
man must remain single. If the richest and most powerful 10% of men
have, say, four wives each, the bottom 30% of men cannot marry. Young
men will take desperate measures to avoid this state.

This is one of the reasons why the Arab Spring erupted, why the
jihadists of Boko Haram and Islamic State were able to conquer swathes
of Nigeria, Iraq and Syria, and why the polygamous parts of Indonesia
and Haiti are so turbulent. Polygamous societies are bloodier, more
likely to invade their neighbours and more prone to collapse than
others are. The taking of multiple wives is a feature of life in all of
the 20 most unstable countries on the Fragile States Index compiled by
the Fund for Peace, an NGO (see chart).

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