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Subject: Re: [M] a bright and shiny hell
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Date: Oct 26 2017 18:13:49
On Thu, 26 Oct 2017 01:27:49 +0000, RS Wood  <>

Remember Orwell's 1984 and his description of the world ahead—"if you want a
vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever"?

Corporate America has been doing this for years/years when it comes to
employment hiring, and Uncle Sam has been doing this since somewhere
around WWII via putting a special code (SPN) on military discharge
paper (DD214).  In small rural towns, "boot stamping" always existed,
since everyone knows everyone, so to speak. 

Merchants do have a right to know who is shoplifting, but acting as a
"monitoring" service is another chapter that society has not dealt
with.  Also, its when surveillance becomes "human tracking"
surveillance that begs questions.  Can you say the few police
departments tracking vehicles.

School systems are recording tons of data, but I'm not aware of their
delete policies.  I've heard nothing on this topic.

Public has always had a right to know your court history, current
property (house, land), and these data companies suck it up.

One of the credit bureaus was aware of a former vehicle I bought years
ago.  Living in a small town, I rather suspect a local twerp gets paid
to extract info from court house, vehicle and property sales
office...or insurance company sold this info.

Point being, there have been "data agencies," before computers, that
seeked out public information on people.

But today, with advent of Internet, they have gone ballistic.
Thankfully, my dynamic IP address changes, and having a satellite ISP
means they can not currently track me, but if merchants sell my buying
history, they can get a glimpse.  I know of one who sold my IP
address.  Maybe someone could design an app or add-on that changes the
information they see when visiting a site...eliminating cookies/LSOs
does not eliminate the other data (screen size, browser type, OS, etc)

Hence, "knowing" others' business is old news, but today, they have
better means to know more.

One issue is that we may not be able to know what they think they
know.  For instance, I have a good insurance score, say 92% good, but
I doubt if insurance company will tell me why I'm not 100%....I have
excellent credit, safe driving history, and no tickets, and not a
single claim with this company in the ten plus years I've been with
them.  Their methodology maybe flawed, intentionally or not, but we
can't challenge their "assumptions" I'd venture to say.

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