Democracy can plant the seeds of its own destruction

Subject: Democracy can plant the seeds of its own destruction
From: (RS Wood)
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Date: Oct 19 2017 20:06:04

I contacted several of the participants at the Yale gathering and was
struck by their anxiety over the future prospects of democratic

One of the most insightful was Adam Przeworski, a political scientist
at N.Y.U., who has written, but not yet published, his own analysis of
current events under the title “What’s Happening.”

First and foremost, Przeworski stresses,

    there is nothing "undemocratic" about the electoral victory of
Donald Trump or the rise of anti-establishment parties in Europe.

These parties and candidates, he points out:

    Do not advocate replacing elections by some other way of selecting
rulers. They are ugly — most people view racism and xenophobia as ugly
— but these parties do campaign under the slogan of returning to ‘the
people’ the power usurped by elites, which they see as strengthening
democracy. In the words of a Trump advertisement, “Our movement is
about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new
government controlled by you, the American people.”

In support of Przeworski’s argument, it is clear that the success of
the Trump campaign in winning the Republican nomination was the result
of a classic democratic insurgency: the Republican electorate’s
rejection of its party’s establishment.

The danger in the United States, in Przeworski’s view, is the
possibility that the Trump administration will use the power of the
presidency to undermine the procedures and institutions essential to
the operation of democracy:


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